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Tongzhangmen belonging to the Guangzhou Fuxin Copper Products Co. Ltd., design and development, production and sales, customer service and service in one of the modern copper art manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in the project are: bronze, copper, copper, copper railings window awning, copper decoration, bronze sculpture, copper, copper, copper background wall murals crafts and other products.

The company gave up common products such as copper paste technology market in the technical design, innovative use of the welding technology, welding heat source welding workpiece interface will be rapidly melting, melting pool formation. Move forward with the heat bath, forming a continuous weld connect the two parts together, welding core temperature of above 4300 DEG C, the heat generated when the fusion welding of copper metal between the higher. The stability and consistency of welding can be comparable to the welding quality in automobile manufacturing. Oxidation technology using a new process, the oxidation effect of the surface of the car to catch up with the oxidation effect, effectively solves the common problem of current copper surface treatment, so as to ensure the quality of the bronze.

On the design and development of products,Tongzhangmen hired a young designer, set up a imaginative, creative, full of fashionable taste and creative vitality of the team of designers. Lead bronze from the practical life of goods and durable goods to life art and ornamental products change. It is not only the door, but also the carrier of beauty, spirit and art.

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