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Tongzhangmen belonging to the Guangzhou Fuxin Copper Products Co. Ltd., design and development, production and sales, customer service and service in one of the modern copper art manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in the project are: bronze, copper, copper, copper railings window awning, copper decoration, bronze sculpture, copper, copper, copper background wall murals crafts and other products.

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Proper maintenance of bronze doors like this actually.
This paper summarizes the experience in daily life, selected some bronze maintenance methods and matters needing attention to ...
Why Guangdong is the best China bronze, the answer was such
It is a symbol of bronze represents a kind of identity, are generally wealthy families will be installed on the price that the bro...
When buying villas Tongmen, you know that you will not be deceived
The modern family decoration increasingly focus on quality, especially in the choice of villas tongmen. Owners appear in the Court...
Note the maintenance of bronze, bronze is very helpful
Tongmen will combine the aesthetic and practical perfect, is the ideal product categories. It is not only concerned about the pric...
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