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The overall structure of the bronze also understand this interesting!
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 10:58:23


Bronze is the all categories of classics, also has the basic structure of the door, here we introduce the basic structure of the door which:

1, door frame: the border of the door, mounted on the wall, support fixed door leaf.

2. Door leaf; main body of door; part that can be freely switched.

3, hinge: the door switch revolves around the axis of rotation, now mostly hinge, ground spring or earth axis.

4, transom: door body window for light.

5, post: door frame on both sides of the decoration, Bing Roman M, round Rome column, hemming and so on.

6, door: door frame masonry, such as door, door door, triangular, circular edge etc.

7, installed in the door knocker as below: cymbals cymbals, to knock on the door.

Hardware accessories:

(1) handle: manual switch device of door.

(2) door lock: lock door anti-theft, sometimes in the handle as a whole.

(3): Bell mounted on the door bell, the indoor person answered to the door.

(4): the lower rungs of the door sill.

(5) house number: pin on the door, the number of the house.

(6) cat's eye: a small lens mounted on a door, used to observe outdoor visitors.

(7) door closer: door closing device after door opening.

(8) the knocker: a usually fixed decorative device, usually consisting of a metal plate and hanging on the hub with metal ring.

This article introduced here, believe you also understand the above introduction of Tongmen lot of it, I hope these knowledge can help you in your life

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