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The historical starting point to have bronze experienced it?
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 11:06:07


The general said the appearance of fine quality high class brand, will think of copper head production of copper and copper bronze doors, windows, stairs customized products series.

Our products are not only bronze with extraordinary classical charm and profound cultural connotation, the bronze doors of the safety is very high. It is the "patron saint" of our work and living environment".

No matter, bronze, or courtyard villas Tongmen Hotel Tongmen, the seemingly vicissitudes of the color texture, texture design hierarchy, will make your Tongmen become a beautiful scenery line.

And the bronze carved accessories, but also rich style, exquisite and unique, for a higher quality of life pursuit of friends, bronze is indeed a good choice.

Love travel friends will find, will see the bronze figure many historical monuments, such as Jiangnan Town, the Royal Garden, and even some European style castle, the application of Tongmen is also very extensive.

These men experienced hundreds of years of baptism, still timeless, generous glory, which is beyond the reach of other product categories.

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