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Note the maintenance of bronze, bronze is very helpful
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 11:12:36

Tongmen will combine the aesthetic and practical perfect, is the ideal product categories. It is not only concerned about the price to buy copper, the quality and performance of the same important, the quality and performance of the bronze doors of the need to pay attention to what? The next Xiaobian will introduce the quality and performance of purchase - bronze doors can not be ignored.

Check site 1: carefully check the door lock to ensure its performance and structure

Good anti-theft performance Tongmen choice is to prevent drilling lock, when drilling with a drill hole, the lock can synchronously rotate that does not damage the lock. The bronze lock locking structure has three range requirements, to ensure safety, the door will not easily be opened.

Check position two: the number of the lock head and the number of the inserted rod

The best choice of two bronze locks, so that they can control their inserted bar door, even if there are spoilers, that the damage is also more laborious, the cost will be relatively long time. In general, a lock can control the number of inserted rods is three or four, its anti-theft performance is poor, but once the lock is damaged, the role of the plug will also be lost.

Check the site three: by strengthening the plate thickness and the area around the lock to really Tongmen quality

From the design point of view, can be divided into bronze doors closed and fence type two, but in any case to be selected, the main parts of the lock are theft damage. Therefore, the cold steel plate with thickness of more than 2 mm should be chosen as the lock core plate, and the height of the core plate should be no less than 500 mm.

Check site four: look at the lock process quality

The relationship between quality and production process of bronze is very large, the purchase should be carefully observed on the surface of welding defects, for example, whether open welding, welding, welding slag leakage or situation. At the same time, we should check whether the door frame and the door are tightly matched, whether it can be flexibly opened, the gap is uniform and so on. In addition, the surface of the electroplated paint should be uniform, firm and smooth.

The above content is to introduce the quality and performance of purchase - bronze doors can not be ignored, we hope to be able to check every detail, we believe that after reading this article have mastered these inspection methods.

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