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Why Guangdong is the best China bronze, the answer was such
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 12:04:31

It is a symbol of bronze represents a kind of identity, are generally wealthy families will be installed on the price that the bronze doors, outside is very easy to attract people's attention, but also a manifestation of identity. Guangdong bronze general can be seen from many parts, such as its character than the high streets and back lanes, door and other better, use a long time, outside the most distinctive places than the gold. Now the bronze format is more, or can give users more decision, but any thing in use when the need to end the maintenance, bronze in the use of the need to end when abnormal maintenance, especially when the scene environment naughty of Tongmen protection is very necessary to end the.

Using copper as copper bronze materials, selection of quality requirements is very high, it will bring very good imagination, especially for some of the more serious pollution of the area, when it rains, the ground can or will contain a lot of acidic substances, is great for copper poison, is to protect the bronze is still very necessary. At the end of Tongmen assembly, covering area of rain at the top of the best bronze is relatively large, so the ability to avoid some rain fall, lower than the best bronze ground high point, so the ability to avoid infringement of snow and bronze doors feature is bronze, outside, do not let the acid damage, of bronze doors.

For the complete character Guangdong copper door do not worry, but as long as through the process of legal assembly, so that the copper from rain and corruption, so the bronze outside is not affected, but also the ordinary use of time Tongmen is a very long.

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