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Proper maintenance of bronze doors like this actually.
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 14:29:38


This paper summarizes the experience in daily life, selected some bronze maintenance methods and matters needing attention to the right to tell you.

(1) the choice of some high quality locks, such as high anti-theft performance, anti smashing anti lock drilling, conditions, that can be used with automatic alarm, lock structure should also be made of tough copper, if the 3 hinge with a single door, double door with the 6 hinges the doors and door frames with a built-in lock, even if the hinge is smashed, the door is not open.

(2) the number of the number of locks with a built-in lock and rod number, choose the kind of two to three the number of inserted bar lock, also to three to four, so you can play a role. Even if the time delay is destroyed, can hinder the more time.

(3) general see lock enhanced version and its thickness area, copper will have two kinds of structure design, a fence type a closed, no matter choose what kind of lock is the damaged parts, so the thickness in the selection of lock plate and protecting the heart area must be high, height can not support in the heart of less than 600 mm

(4) look at the process of the lock, is a kind of copper with high quality is not high, but mainly depends on its local welding welding process, a lock up a large key, such as its welding defects, weld, slag, door and door frames is not dense enough. Can uniform, flexible enough, uneven or smooth.

(5) the bronze doors are generally divided into high, low, three, but from the price, materials, shapes are not the same, you can according to your own situation and the economic conditions to choose, choose a pair of their own ideas and the most similar copper doors.

Note here is the end of the purchase of bronze, you do not know how much knowledge through it, no matter how much are these master, hope can help you in life.

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