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When buying villas Tongmen, you know that you will not be deceived
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 11:18:05

The modern family decoration increasingly focus on quality, especially in the choice of villas tongmen. Owners appear in the Courtyard Villa and courtyard style consistent installation a large bronze doors can let the owner taste recognition in a short period of time. However, many of the villa owners because of the material and the properties of large villas Tongmen is not very understanding, in the choice of villas Tongmen when the total quality is not guaranteed to spend money, or buy a large bronze flashy without substance resulting in a waste of funds. In order to buy genuine goods at a fair price large bronze doors, the owners have to pay attention to what the details in the choice of the villa of brass?

First, brand selection should be produced by regular manufacturers

Villas Tongmen manufacturers and brands are now very much, good and bad mixed, it needs to know more about the owners in the purchase before the inspection items bronze doors brands and products. At the time of purchase multiple check bronze doors production qualification is legitimate, whether complete. The surface of bronze is welding firm, smooth, handle, pin and other hardware accessories surface treatment effect is thin and greasy, installation is firm, door appearance has no deformation, surface spray paint is sufficiently uniform.

Second, pay attention to environmental protection function

Modern society requires all products to the environmental protection, it is responsible for the society, but also to the family and personal health is responsible for the selection, villas Tongmen also no exception. The villa owners should give priority to environmental protection of large bronze doors in the selection of large bronze. Perhaps the price of the product, the environmental protection of villas Tongmen is higher than ordinary big copper prices, but in the long term is still very cost-effective, because the environmental protection of copper can effectively reduce the family electricity, water, save water and electricity fee family.

Third, after comparison, decided to buy

Now the villa bronze on the market very much, the same brand of bronze doors are sold in different building materials market, but the price is a gap. So, after villa owners decided to choose a large installation which can Tongmen, through multiple channels to carry out inquiry, selection to the real price Wumart products.

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