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Do you know the bronze doors of the basic maintenance of how much
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 14:36:45

Installed at home Wulinghaoqi and solemn bronze doors at home, like home new blessing, no matter from which point of view is very pleasing to the eye, bronze colors are so attracted people, beautiful decoration, glittering, to passersby would stop and look in look away, but good things will have its weak side, such as the best quality of the copper block, you don't maintain it will naturally become a piece of copper inconspicuous from the side of beautiful decoration itself, its fine maintenance so we have regular, next is to introduce some better the maintenance method of bronze

(1) the quality of copper which can be considered one of the best solid metal, but we usually in the opening or closing too vigorously, because the impact of each other in this situation will affect its internal damage leading to a change in appearance, so the closing time must be gentle and to some. Note that if the family has a child, must tell it not scribble on the door, otherwise it is easy to affect the appearance of the.

(2) regularly Tongmen clean, dry towel or wet towel when washing, it is easier to remove stains, if found stains can't be removed, can be used as nondestructive cleaning agent cleaning, but must be careful not to use strong acid or alkali washing. This can cause corruption and damage some of the bronze doors, when installing the bronze doors to bronze installed in a dry place, if installed in the wet life.

(3) the replacement period of bronze, the general quality is good you Tongmen basically can be used for a few years, if the use time time will be relatively short, generally a decade or so. So you can change the time to change, otherwise it will affect the appearance of a whole.

This paper introduced here is basically finished, we do not know through the above introduction copper door maintenance learned yet, if it is learned in your home for the bronze maintenance up.

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