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About the quality of the original bronze is divided into several
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 15:00:10

   In fact, copper is very common, common to the presence of a copper lead us in every household, such as the home of the copper, copper wire, copper table and so on. Like in ancient times before the copper coins, bronze weapons, these, here is already cited a lot of things about the bronze. But you know more than the quality of the bronze is how to classify it, we believe that many of them do not know, I will tell you about it:

1: copper is the best means of pure copper, bronze, the main varieties of oxygen free copper, copper, phosphorus deoxidized copper, silver and copper;    


   Copper itself with good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and the plastic is also very good, very good in hot or cold pressure processing, copper itself because of the color purple so called for copper. Copper the main purpose is to make, cable, bus, generator, switch device, transformer for electrical equipment

2, the quality of Bronze Brass: ranked second, refers to the copper and zinc alloy as the foundation, can be subdivided into simple and complex brass brass, brass in third complex components called silicon brass, nickel brass;  



Brass itself is relatively soft and wear resistance is very strong, usually made of brass, condenser, low temperature pipeline, submarine transport pipe, the manufacture of sheet metal, bar, rod, tubematerial, casting parts, etc.

3, bronze: refers to the copper, nickel, copper and zinc alloy outside the copper based alloy, the main varieties are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, special bronze (also known as high copper alloy);   

   Bronze also has good fluidity, no segregation tendency, and can be used to make parts with high precision. The addition of iron, nickel and manganese in aluminum bronze can further improve the properties of the alloy. Bronze is also divided into two major categories: pressure processing and casting

4, paktong: refers to copper nickel alloy; 

   Cupronickel itself is a relatively high hardness. According to the knowledge of modern technology is only part of the business to make some mould and non handheld and accessories and ornaments and so on.

    This paper has introduced here is over, how much do you know about the quality of Tongmen if you know it, and I hope these in your future days can help to you!

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