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Shocked! Copper has so much help to the human body
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 14:49:21

Function in human body

Copper is an essential micronutrient for human health. It plays an important role in the development and function of the blood, central nervous system and immune system, hair, skin and bone tissues, and the visceral development of the brain and liver, heart, and other organs. Copper is mainly ingested from daily diet. The WHO recommends that adults consume 0.03 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight per day in order to maintain health. Pregnant women and infants should be doubled. Copper deficiency can cause various diseases and can be supplemented with copper supplements and pills.

The content of copper in human body is about 100 ~ 150mg, and the normal value of serum copper is 100~120 g/dl, which is the essential trace element of second in human body. Copper containing enzyme tyrosinase, monoamine oxidase, superoxide dismutase, SOD and serum ceruloplasmin etc.. Activation of copper on hemoglobin formation, promote iron absorption and utilization, in the electron transfer, elastin synthesis, connective tissue metabolism, purine metabolism, phospholipids and neural tissue formation has important significance.

Copper deficiency can cause the following diseases:

1. anemia

Generally the most common clinical manifestations were dizziness, weakness, easy fatigue, tinnitus, vertigo. The skin mucous membrane and nails, pale, shortness of breath, palpitation feeling after physical activity. In severe anemia, shortness of breath and palpitations occur even at rest, and soft systolic murmurs can be heard at the apex and at the bottom of the heart.

2. bone change

The clinical manifestation is osteoporosis, which is prone to fracture.

3. copper and coronary heart disease

4. copper and vitiligo

5. female infertility

Lack of copper will make the nervous system inhibition process disorder, so that the nervous system is in the excited state and lead to insomnia, the passage of time can occur neurasthenia.

The body may be appropriate to increase the intake of copper with high copper content of food, such as mushrooms, dried shrimps, Black Tea, tea, tea, hazelnut, sunflower, sesame, watermelon seeds, Green Tea, walnut, black pepper, cocoa, liver, bean products.

Copper ion can disinfect, sterilize and prevent epidemic disease. For example, it can kill bacteria such as Escherichia coli and dysentery that are easy to grow in water, remove molluscs and other mollusks that can transmit schistosomiasis in water, and carry mosquito borne larvae such as malaria. It can also be used in the swimming pool, to prevent algae pollution and infection of tinea pedis through the floor and so on.

Copper is an essential trace element in the human body and plays an important role in the metabolism of the human body.

1 the brain's "good friends", such as iron, copper and zinc are important components of the brain neurotransmitter. If inadequate intake leads to dysregulation of the nervous system, dysfunction of the brain can occur. Copper deficiency will decrease the activity of cytochrome oxidase and decrease the activity of brain cells, resulting in the decline of memory, disturbance of mind, reaction, even instability of gait and disorder of motion. To have a healthy brain is flexible, cannot do without copper this friend.

2, the guardian of the heart, when people simply blame the heart of the cause of fat, high cholesterol diet, American scientists remind people: absolutely should not ignore the lack of copper. Synthesis of copper metal elements involved in a variety of enzymes in the human body, the oxidase is matrix collagen and elastin constitute the heart vessels during the formation of the essential material, which is collagen fiber composition cardiovascular muscle cells are firmly connected, elastic protein has the function to maintain flexibility of heart and blood vessel wall. Therefore, the lack of copper, the synthesis of such enzymes reduced, cardiovascular can not maintain normal morphology and function, thereby giving rise to an opportunity to invade coronary heart disease.

3, "helper" is known as "iron" is an important raw material for human hematopoiesis, but iron elements to become part of red blood cells, must rely on the help of copper elements. The secret lies in the iron in hemoglobin is ferric ion, which comes from the food is two iron, two iron into ferric ion, the oxidation activity of ceruloplasmin depends on copper containing the material. If the body of copper deficiency, the concentration of ceruloplasmin will decrease, resulting in difficulties in transforming the iron induced anemia.

4 pregnant women of "new star" should not be pregnant without copper. According to obstetricians, it is difficult for women to conceive without copper. Even if they are pregnant, they will weaken the thickness and tenacity of the amniotic membrane due to lack of copper, resulting in premature rupture of the amniotic membrane, causing miscarriage or fetal infection. Therefore, women should think of a healthy smart baby, but also with the help of copper elements.

5 anti-aging "expert" aging of the human body is because the metabolism of free radicals in the body plays a considerable role in waste, but also a curse of many elderly diseases. The hydroxyl radical is the most toxic, which not only damages the cell membrane by lipid peroxidation, but also destroys the genetic material of the nucleus, leading to cell death. In addition, the activity of many important enzymes can be reduced or even disappeared. Study shows that copper metallothionein, superoxide dismutase has strong cleaning the metabolic waste, protect body cells being affected, visible copper has played an important role in aging.

You can receive good results. Experiments have shown that the intake of enough copper in human body can accumulate more copper ions on the surface of influenza virus invading human body, thus providing effective target for vitamin attacking influenza virus". Vitamin C and copper ions on the surface of the virus acts constitute an active oxygen ion containing unstable compounds can be separated, the virus surface protein containing rupture, and the virus. For this reason, experts call vitamin C and copper as the best partner for the prevention and treatment of influenza".

6 prevent white hair "no" people why early white hair? Copper deficiency is an important reason in vivo. Copper deficiency can cause the formation of tyrosinase in human body is difficult, lead to tyrosine into DOPA process is blocked. Dopamine is the precursor of dopamine, and dopamine is the intermediate product of melanin, which eventually prevents melanin synthesis and causes hair to become white. Want black hair, copper is an effective way to make up.

How to fill copper? Add foods rich in copper, such as animal liver, shrimp, beans, fresh meat, nuts and so on.



Copper is an indispensable trace element in human body. The adult body contains copper 7ffe 100mg, with an average copper content of 1.guZ.ling per kilogram of body weight. Copper exists in all organs and tissues of human beings, and is usually combined with proteins or other organic compounds, but not in the form of free copper ions. The liver is the repository of copper, with the highest copper content. The brain and heart also contain more copper. The content of copper in the blood of healthy people is 1.l ~ 1.sing/L, and it changes with age, exercise and health.

Copper is an important group of body proteins and enzymes, such as ceruloplasmin, cytochrome C oxidase, etc.. Many key enzymes require the participation and activation of steel, and play a role in the metabolism process of the body, and promote many functions of the human body. That's why the tiny amount of copper has a vital effect on life. For example: it helps to provide the required biochemical process of energy; help the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, affect the formation of skin pigment; promote the formation of crosslinks in collagen and elastin, maintain and restore connective tissue; participate in glucose and cholesterol metabolism process; the effect of hair, skin, bone, brain the development, and the heart, liver, nervous and immune system function.

In addition, some copper containing agents have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects on arthritis, and have been applied in some countries. For a long time, people have come to the conclusion that wearing copper has the effect of treating arthritis. This may be due to the absorption of trace amounts of sweat dissolved in the skin by the human body. Application of copper in the radiology department and the treatment of convulsion, epilepsy and gout are on the way

Lack of copper is harmful to human health, and the effect of long time marginal copper deficiency is subtle. It can cause stunted babies and babies. In addition, knee valgus was found in China, India, Tanzania and South Africa, which is a typical symptom of copper deficiency. The results showed that the copper content in deformed skeleton was lower than the normal value.

It is worth noting that recent studies have found that copper deficiency is a factor in increasing the incidence of coronary heart disease! Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a common heart disease caused by excessive deposition of blood vessels on the coronary arteries, resulting in blockage (atherosclerosis), resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart. The metabolic process of fat is sensitive to copper. The experiments in rats showed that copper deficiency significantly increased plasma cholesterol, altered the binding forms of cholesterol and lipoproteins, and increased the risk of atherosclerosis. It is also found that copper deficiency causes abnormal cardiac physiology in rats, which is similar to certain diseases in human coronary heart disease, which further confirms the link between copper deficiency and coronary heart disease.

The potential toxicity of copper to human body is very light. When the intake exceeds the normal value, it will cause gastrointestinal disorders and other adverse reactions. The results showed that when adult men and women consumed more than 12mg and 10mg each day, they had a slight effect on the biochemical process of human body.

In view of the low potential toxicity of copper, on the contrary, it is an indispensable element of human health, WHO experts group has concluded that the harm of copper deficiency is far greater than the toxicity of copper. In addition to some rare inheritance, the main prevention is copper deficiency. To ensure sufficient dietary copper, to meet the needs of the body. The investigation results of copper content in dietary structure of developed countries in Europe and America have already sounded the alarm for preventing copper deficiency. In fact, many people have been taking copper supplements to supplement their nutrition.

Who should pay special attention to copper intake:

¢ÙPregnant women, infants and children

He or she needs to eat more copper. Maintaining the balance of the steel in the body is a major factor determining the speed of growth of the fetus and the baby, and should be paid special attention to.

¢ÚPeople with abnormal diet

Residents of malnutrition in poor areas, life is difficult to take care of themselves (mostly elderly and disabled) or food habits of the crowd, he (she) are often unreasonable dietary structure easily due to copper deficiency and health effects.

¢ÛSome patients

Patients with chronic hepatitis should be monitored for regular hemodialysis and patients who rely on transfusion for replacement or supplement. In addition, some patients with metabolic abnormalities should also pay attention to the potential impact of copper deficiency.

¢ÜA genetic patient with severe copper metabolism disorders

Food sources of copper

Copper is the assistant of iron in human blood". The main absorption sites of copper are the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine. Copper in the intestine is absorbed in the bloodstream, 80% combined into ceruloplasmin. Effect of copper on the formation of hemoglobin, is generally considered to promote intestinal absorption of iron (iron and food) from the liver and reticuloendothelial system storage make it released, so the copper for hemoglobin formation plays an important role.

The food from the commercial point of view, effect of a small amount of copper on the quality of the products is mainly in the cooking oil (oil and food) containing unsaturated fatty food, copper ion actually plays the role of catalyst, causing food spoilage, discoloration and other reaction. Although these effects are not welcome in appearance, they usually do not cause poisoning and reduce the nutritional value of food.

A rich source of copper in food have mushroom, dried shrimps, Black Tea, tea, tea, hazelnut, sunflower, sesame, watermelon seeds, Green Tea, walnut, black pepper, cocoa, liver etc..

There is a good source of crab meat, beans, mushrooms, green peas (fresh), fennel, black sesame, soy products, pine nuts, lobster, mung bean, peanuts, beans, potato powder, seaweed, lotus seeds, beans, letinous edodes (letinous edodes food), soybean, gluten, candied fruit, fennel, peas, mayonnaise, gold, Tiecai oatmeal, chestnuts, nuts, soy flour and wheat germ

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