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Guangzhou Tongmen why sell so well, the answer is actually like this
Publisher£ºTongzhangmen     Release time£º2017-09-30 15:06:21

    In Guangdong's Guangzhou bronze bronze is listed as the best quality in the industry, because no matter from the quality or technology are way ahead, but it will have a weak side in the high-end stuff, so here to teach you how to correctly to maintain the doors.



1. when opening the door can not be too large, otherwise there will be the mutual impact caused the loss of copper crack, will affect the use of a lock, thereby reducing the degree and duration of the use of the facade of the whole.

2. do not be too expensive luxury hanging on the face, avoid the collision between the door and the decoration products to open the door, open the door when the intensity to light, to prevent excessive force against the wall.

3. paint or coloring, the bronze covered with newspaper, some chemical defense material contamination in the facade

4. daily cleaning, feeding with soft wipe, lest cause discoloration of copper. And when wet hands do not touch Tongmen, it will also lead to fade.

5. spring, at this time the weather will be relatively humid, indoor ventilation should be kept, as far as possible to keep the surrounding environment to maintain a dry state. Because copper is very easy to rust in the moist environment, and prevent the loss of materials etc..


    This paper introduced here is over, we do not know through the above introduction Guangzhou Tongmen knowledge learned not?

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